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The Gene Ontology (GO) is a structured vocabulary of biological functions. The ontology is divided into three domains: biological processes, cellular components, and molecular functions. In total, the ontology contains over 40,000 terms. GO annotations link a gene to a specific GO term to indicate when a gene is associated with a specific biological function.

GO annotations are frequently incorporated into bioinformatics analyses; however, parsing the ontology and annotations can be difficult. This website aims to simplify the process of retreiving GO annotations. The annotations are current (see last updated date) and customizable to an individual user’s needs. Annotations are provided separately for each species.

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Annotation downloads are tsv-formatted. The first row contains column names. Genes are pipe (|) delimited. Below is an example of the formatting:
go_id go_name go_domain tax_id annotation_type size gene_ids gene_symbols
GO:0000050 urea cycle biological_process 9606 inferred 2 445|5009 ASS1|OTC
GO:0000053 argininosuccinate metabolic process biological_process 9606 inferred 1 445 ASS1
GO:0000054 ribosomal subunit export from nucleus biological_process 9606 inferred 4 5901|6209|7514|51068 RAN|RPS15|XPO1|NMD3
GO:0000055 ribosomal large subunit export from nucleus biological_process 9606 inferred 3 5901|7514|51068 RAN|XPO1|NMD3

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